Teacher Training

A new beginning…

July 10, 2013

See, I know myself so well! Half a year’s already flown by and have I written anything?! Nope. But I have a lot to write about… a lot of exciting, dear diary moments in fact!

I’ll be graduating from the University of Sheffield with a 2:1 class BA in Modern Languages with Interpreting degree next week. Looking back, it really has been the best time of my life (so far) but I’m sure not going to miss the stresses of final year. I’ve found myself asking the question ‘is the grass really greener?’ throughout the last 6 months, trying to enjoy every moment of freedom that comes with being a student, namely: having those cheeky lie ins, endless coffee dates or even nipping to the gym or doctors without having to cram it in during lunch.

In all honesty, being a student is great and the life skills and connections you gain, in my opinion, are equal to the academic attainment. Employers are now requiring masters or experience in the field and if you’re smart enough you’ll bag the experience and by-pass the masters if you’re fed up of education and want to get in the job market. That was the thought I had coming towards the end of my degree. However… I now find myself back in education and the job market (very lucky I know) as I’ve recently begun my 6 week crash teacher training course, which will prepare me and the other 1,200 graduates on the Teach First scheme to start teaching full-time in September whilst doing a PGCE within a year…

Crazy I know! But I always take the challenging route, and maybe when I’m settled in life with a family and steady job I’ll slow down, but for now I’m doing it the hard way and learning on the job.

That’s it for today. I’m trying a new approach to blogging where I write little and often! Hopefully that way I won’t see it as a massive, time consuming chore…

– Madmoose –

Oh! And also, I had an amazing time at Christmas and New Year in Norway, and yes I did leave my work till last minute but it was a productive last minute that clearly brought good results 😉

New year Romanian dancing



Us and the road to nowhere… the Storseisundet Bridge


Dramatic scenery


A little cheeky fun in the airport on the way home



The remnants of piftie, you know that bushtucker dish I mentioned in a previous post?! I tried it again this year – still don’t like it…